DICE Pakistan has launched a Fellowship Programme with partner, School of Leadership that provides opportunities for training, mentoring and networking for 600 entrepreneurs, women enterprise leaders and individual organisations within the social and creative domains. The programme is designed to help creative and social enterprise leaders sustain their businesses and multiply their impact, and is based on three phases of learning:
1.  Learning:
Face to Face workshop style trainings and digital courses.
2.  Mentoring:
Monthly meet ups of fellows with their mentors to discuss progress and seek guidance.
3.  Networking:
Regular participation in local and national level networking events to connect with peers and relevant stakeholders. DICE Fellowship is a call to think entrepreneurially. It is about turning passions to create and contribute into a sustainable business venture. For that, DICE focuses on the entrepreneurial mindset and skills of creative and social enterprise leaders. It places significant emphasis on raising one’s ability to take risks, working with diversity, solving business problems, telling their unique stories and creating linkages – all of which are imperative for success.

Our Approach

DICE Fellowship is a six-months long programme, designed to help creative and social enterprise leaders to sustain their business and multiply their impact. The programme is process-driven and caters to a variety of businesses in terms of size, experience, market and offerings. Given that creative and social enterprises have varying requirements and improvement areas, there is no standard learning journey. Keeping this in mind, the Fellowship will provide custom learning tracks for each category of enterprises composed of a mix of methodologies to ensure greater participation and engagement throughout course of the programme. The four main components to the Fellowship are as follows:
1.  Boot Camp
Apart from day-to-day operations; social and creative enterprise leaders come together for a 3-day behaviour re-boot retreat where they learn to question the very nature of their business and review their current standing against their entrepreneurial dream and spirit.
2.  Extensive Face-to-face Training
During 12 weekends spread over 6 months, the fellows will get together in their respective cities and go through rigorous capacity improving sessions designed to help them innovative and drive change while remaining in their fully packed work schedules
3.  Field visits
During the Fellowship period, creative and social enterprise leaders will be taken on two tours in their respective cities. This tour will guide the fellows to gain experience and learn various facets of running successful businesses given the geographic and social dynamics of their cities whilst successfully corresponding with their area of work.
4.  Digital Learning
Unique virtual content in the form of ten digital modules will enable fellows to connect theory with practical ideas. Through this component, their skills will be developed therefore enabling them to make good business decisions, between face to face trainings.

12 Targeted Cities

14 Cohorts

45 Fellows per Cohort

06 Months Fellowship

Who are Dice Fellows?

The Fellowship Programme is designed for individuals who are currently leading a social or creative enterprise in Pakistan and have been running it for 2-3 years at least. Our fellows are 24-40 years of age and are high potential business owners with an attitude and willingness to grow and expand.

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