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About the Fellowship Programme

Who are DICE Fellows?

The Fellowship Programme is designed for individuals who are currently leading a social or creative enterprise in Pakistan and have been running it for 2-3 years at least. Our fellows are 24-40 years of age and are high potential business owners with an attitude and willingness to grow and expand. For full criteria, see “Who is a DICE Fellow”

What is the purpose of DICE Fellowship Programme?

The programme is designed to help creative and social entrepreneurs sustain their business and multiply their impact. The programme is process-driven and caters to a variety of businesses in terms of size, experience, market and offerings. Given that businesses have varying requirements and improvement areas, there is no standard learning journey. We provide custom learning tracks for each category of enterprises composed of a mix of methodologies to ensure greater participation and engagement during the course of the programme.

Candidate Qualifications and Expectations

Can I still apply for the fellowship if my business does not fall under creative or social domains?

In order to qualify to be a DICE fellow, you have to either:
– launched or lead your own social change initiative through your company; or
– launched or lead your own creative enterprise in domains such as performance arts, music, fine arts, photography, crafts, film and video, TV and radio, internet podcasting, video games, fashion design, graphic design, interior design, landscape design, architectural services, advertising services and others.

What are the academic qualifications for this programme?

There are no specific academic prerequisites.

What is the medium of delivery during fellowship workshops?

The training modules are offered in a mix of English and Urdu. Fellows will receive all material in the form of packs which are available in both English and Urdu, at your preference.

Are there minimum or maximum age requirements for fellows?

Yes. The fellows have to be between 24-40 years of age. However, some exceptions may be considered based on the profile/application of the entrepreneur.

Can two people from the same organisation apply for this programme?

Yes. It is a requirement that two individuals (founder(s), leader(s)) apply together. The fellowship is designed to cater to two individuals from the same organisation.

What if I am part-owner in a business?

You, and your business’s co-founder both have to be a part of the fellowship if your company’s application goes through.

If my company is based in Pakistan but provides product/services outside of Pakistan as well, can I still apply?


Programme Expectations

Which costs does the fellowship programme cover?

The British Council covers all programme related expenses during the fellowship duration, including weekend camps’ fees,  xxxxxxx.
The fellowship does not cover the cost of full meals, lodging, transportation etc.

Do I automatically qualify for grant funding or an investment if I participate in this programme?

No. DICE is an accelerate programme that is completely independent of investment activities. During the course of fellowship, fellows will be trained on how to equip themselves for presenting to potential investors, and will connect with multitude of mentors and subject area experts.

How is the programme structured?

Fellows are not required to get out of their jobs. They have to continue with the same work routine and take out extra time to come together during the weekends for 12 days during these 6 months. Attendance at each weekend course is mandatory. Between face to face courses, fellows are expected to go through digital modules and complete assignments.
Each face to face course will be organised in respective 12 cities which means fellows are not required to travel.

What is the total time commitment required for the programme?

The total in-person time commitment is 12 days spread over a course of 6 months. Between face to face courses, you are expected to spend additional time on programme-related assignments, email correspondence, DICE clubs attendance and time with mentors for approximately 3 hours/week

What happens during and between face to face training programmes?

Through 12 days of face to face trainings, virtual content, field visits, mentor circles and DICE clubs, fellows build trust and new leadership skills. The cohort-based structure of the programme creates deep trust between fellows and opens up new avenues and networks that persist long beyond the duration of fellowship. Fellows are provided with the necessary knowledge, skills and most importantly, a supportive ecosystem within their communities

What is the attendance policy? What if I need to miss a weekend?

The programme has 100% attendance requirement and all selected fellows must attend all weekend courses and complete assignments. We make exceptions only for emergencies.

Where will the face to face trainings be held?

The face to face training courses will be held in your city where you have been selected as a fellow:
  • Karachi
  • Lahore
  • Islamabad
  • Peshawar
  • Hyderabad
  • Faisalabad
  • Gujrat
  • Multan
  • Quetta
  • Gilgit Baltistan
  • Swat
  • Sukkur

What exactly does 6 months of mentoring, networking and business guidance mean?

Each fellow will be matched with a network provided by the British Council and the School of Leadership. You will have access to regular discussions with subject area experts, training facilitators and peers.

The Application & Selection Process

Is there an application Fee?


How do I submit an application?

Please fill out this form to submit your application until January 11, 2019.

Can I nominate a business owner I know to be a part of this programme?

Yes, you can. You may fill out this form if the business in question qualifies.

What happens after I submit my application?

There are three stages in the selection process:
  • Due January 11, 2019 at 11:59 pm, all applications must be completed and submitted online.
  • Following the initial submission, successful candidates will be invited for a Skype/telephonic interview
  • Between January 11 and January 19, 2019, all shortlisted applicants will be asked to come pitch their business to a panel. This will be organised in their city
  • All selected candidates will be notified by January 20, 2019
Our selection team will carefully review submissions and participation at each stage of the process and select candidates who will advance to the next step. At each stage of the process, candidates will receive communication via email/telephone from our team about the progress of their application.

What are the technology requirements for accessing and completing the application?

To fill out the application here________, you will need stable internet connection. If you experience issues submitting your application, please try submitting from a different browser, a different location, or with stronger internet connectivity.

How many fellows will be selected?

DICE Fellowship Programme is being delivered in two phases (6 months each) in 2019-2020. Each phase aims to select 150 enterprises. Two enterprise leaders will be invited to be fellows, which means a total of 300 fellows will go through each phase.

Will I get notified after my application has been submitted?

Yes. Our system will automatically generate a confirmation email once your initial application has been submitted. If you do not receive the email immediately, please check your email settings to ensure our emails are not caught in your spam filter.

Can I edit my application after it has been submitted?

Unfortunately no, this is not possible. Double-check the entire application after you have filled it, before its submitted. We cannot accept edits or changes.

After the Fellowship Programme has ended

Am I guaranteed to get investment after the programme?

No, DICE Fellowship will help enhance your skills, knowledge and increase your network within the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Pakistan. It does not guarantee you an investment.

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