Mentors are identified in each selected city as part of DICE Programme after which meetups are arranged by the School of Leadership to help connect fellows with existing business leaders of Pakistan based on their specific needs. Mentors help each fellow capitalise on their own skills and talents, understand what they wish to achieve and devise strategies that are necessary for their business.
Throughout the duration of the fellowship, mentors and mentees (fellows) will draft and follow a plan that builds on individual’s strengths and experiences as they are shaped along the fellowship journey.

Who is a DICE Mentor?

- Progressive and successful entrepreneur.
- Able to provide fellows with counselling through challenging phases of the fellowship where they are tasked with goals designed to accelerate their professional and entrepreneurial maturation.
- Able to assist fellows identify and maximise opportunities within their domains.
- Able to invest a significant amount of time and transfer knowledge and skills to fellows.

Become a Mentor?

Do you meet the above criteria and would like to join our team of amazing mentors? Please fill out the form below and our team will contact you shortly to arrange for a meeting.

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